Here are 64 categories and services that can be registered on Digital Marketplace:

1. Halal food products (meat, poultry, dairy, bakery, snacks, etc.)

2. Halal-certified cosmetics and personal care products

3. Halal-certified pharmaceuticals and supplements

4. Halal-certified fashion and apparel

5. Halal-certified home and lifestyle products

6. Halal travel packages and tours

7. Halal-certified financial services

8. Halal-certified educational programs

9. Halal-certified online courses and certifications

10. Halal-certified health and wellness products and services

11. Halal-certified transportation services

12. Halal-certified pet food and supplies

13. Halal-certified cleaning and household products

14. Halal-certified beauty and grooming services

15. Halal-certified event planning and management services

16. Halal-certified marketing and advertising services

17. Halal-certified IT and software services

18. Halal-certified business consulting services

19. Halal-certified legal services

20. Halal-certified human resource services

21. Halal-certified logistics and supply chain services

22. Halal-certified waste management and recycling services

23. Halal-certified construction and engineering services

24. Halal-certified energy and utilities services

25. Halal-certified agriculture and farming products

26. Halal-certified food storage and packaging services

27. Halal-certified security and surveillance services

28. Halal-certified printing and publishing services

29. Halal-certified translation and interpretation services

30. Halal-certified photography and videography services

31. Halal-certified art and design services

32. Halal-certified real estate services

33. Halal-certified sports and fitness products and services

34. Halal-certified entertainment products and services

35. Halal-certified event ticketing services

36. Halal-certified jewelry and accessories

37. Halal-certified toys and games

38. Halal-certified gifts and souvenirs

40. Halal-certified home improvement products and services

41. Halal-certified industrial products and services

42. Halal-certified office supplies and equipment

43. Halal-certified telecommunications products and services

44. Halal-certified web hosting and domain services

45. Halal-certified legal and financial software

46. Halal-certified social media and digital marketing platforms

47. Halal-certified website design and development services

48. Halal-certified mobile app development services

49. Halal-certified cloud computing services

50. Halal-certified cybersecurity services

51. Halal-certified virtual and augmented reality products and services

52. Halal-certified renewable energy products and services

53. Halal-certified environmental products and services

54. Halal-certified medical devices and equipment

55. Halal-certified telemedicine services

56. Halal-certified mental health and counseling services

57. Halal-certified veterinary services

58. Halal-certified home care and elder care services

59.Halal-certified child care services

60. Halal-certified elder care products and services

61. Halal-certified educational toys and games

62. Halal-certified language learning products and services

63. Halal-certified personal development products and services

64. Umrah & Hajj Product and Services